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Thursday, 31 January 2013

This application is a continuation of a similar development for VirtueMart 1.Х.Х but maintained separately, in the form component. It's much easier to install and requires no intervention in the code of the VirtueMart. After installation, you need to add only one line in the file VirtueMart and you can use the functionality. This allows you to also update VirtueMart, unlike hacks store, which will certainly fall off. What and where to paste written in help vmBranches. Component makes additional functionality shop, developed to VirtueMart 2 and Joomla 2.5 - every city has its price.
Component interface is extremely simple, does not require studying and reading the instructions. You simply create a list of cities and expose them coefficients. Thus, rates by cities and categories differ, depending on the value of the factor-a factor.

Work description The application consists of the component and module. Component creates a list of cities and exhibited coefficients. The module allows the user to change the city.

When first entering the site, the user sees the prices of their city, which is defined automatically. And a pop-up window with a list of cities, where they can optionally choose another city. Subsequently, this window appears in collapsed form, and place of the module is the name of the selected city. If the city could not be determined automatically or town user is not in the list, it prints the city by default.

Module settings, you can set the text of the greeting, the number of cities in the column and the automation pop-up window.

Installation Install the vmBranches through the Joomla admin panel. Open the file VirtueMart:
Find the line 289
$prices['costPrice'] = $costPrice;
above it, paste the following code:
  require_once $path;
  $costPrice*= vmBranchesHelper::getRate($prodId);

Enjoy the component via the feedback form. The price of 100 USD Attention! Support will be provided only on the E-mail address from which the order was made. Or download it from our new site, juice-lab.ru

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